About Me


tim_deluca_smith_blog_headshotA marketing professional for more than 20 years, most of which has been spent within the technology and telecommunications industries.

Currently Vice President of Marketing at cloud collaboration leader huddle.com, and named as one of Europe’s Most Influential B2B Tech Marketers in 2016. 


“It is always thought-provoking to hear his opinions on a wide range of trends and developments and, in an age where so much industry comment comes airbrushed by the corporate PR team, the delivery of those opinions is consistently and refreshingly forthright.”

Informa Telecoms & Media

“In my interactions with him over the last couple years, I’ve found that his passion for marketing really comes through. He’s personable, fun to work with and takes great care to listen to our analyst needs.”

HfS Research

“As a conference organizer I must say he was “the best” Chairman I have ever seen, combining humour and well-timed questions. He has also made one of the most impactful presentations at the summit.”


“An ability to both comprehend and leverage developing industry trends way ahead of the curve have made him an invaluable asset whenever I have worked with him.”

SVP Global Sales