Ebay, I’m losing trust – step up and protect your sellers

I’ve been on something of an ebay [selling] rampage over the last few months. I’ve probably sold in excess of 30 items since the start of the year and so far I’ve not had a single bad experience with my buyers.

Until now.

It’s not a bad success rate I admit, but it calls into question what ebay actually does about buyers who fail to pay.

Last week I managed to sell a child’s bridesmaid’s dress for £16. The auction was contested by two individuals, unfortunately the winning bidder failed to pay (having outbid a genuine bidder by just 50p).

An unpaid item case was opened with ebay and closed without resolution.

I researched the bidder’s history. This wasn’t the first case that they’d failed to pay. In fact there are several negative feedback comments dating back several months and all related to non payment. With so many negative instances you would have thought that ebay would have acted. Indeed its policies state that failure to pay may result in account being suspended. However no action had been taken on this bidder and they continue to enter auctions with no intention of paying. It’s frustrating.

The outcome of this experience is not only a bad experience but also a loss of money. I relisted the item and was quickly contacted by the genuine bidder who had failed to win the item by just 50p in the original auction. She was keen to “buy it now”. Being a good ebayer I declined (it’s against ebay policy to end an auction early and accept an offer outside of the auction).  And so the auction continued and instead of the original £16 the dress raised in the first auction, it raised less than £2.

I see no reason why ebay hasn’t closed this ebay account. Even more annoying, is that ebay has changed its policy on posting negative feedback. If you raise an unpaid item case you are no longer able to post negative feedback. I don’t understand this – it’s crazy. It means I am unable to share this bad experience with fellow-ebayers other than through this blog. It undermines the whole premise of feedback. Surely feedback is there to protect people; it’s less about extolling the positive virtues of the buyer / seller and more about highlighting the negatives so that people can transact with confidence.

Ebay. I deserve an explanation. What are you doing about Ebay User: srich447234

  • Why hasn’t this ebay account been suspended after so many instances of non-payment?
  • Why can’t I post negative feedback after opening an unaid item case?
  • Your feedback ratings are nonsense. srich447234 has several negative comments posted about them (all relating to non payment) yet their profile summary states 100% positive feedback?

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