Ronan Dunne & O2’s Twitter Engagement

IMHO, Ronan Dunne is one of the few truly genuine CEO tweeters out there.

As the CEO of Telefonica O2 in the UK (one of the country’s largest mobile operators) his Twitter contributions range from the performance of the [O2 sponsored] England Rugby team to industry news, the weather and praise for his local dry cleaners.

However, this exchange really does show just what level of customer engagement a company can achieve with a switched-on, social-savvy executive at the helm.

Ronan Dunne Twitter
Ronan Dunne Twitter

I’m sure the O2 customer trying to blag himself a discount and name-drop the CEO during an exchange with the O2 care team didn’t expect a response from the top-man himself!

Of all of the talk about social engagement and how to monetise it, you only have to look at exchanges like this to see that the opportunity [and value] is far greater. OK, the CEO responding to individual customers isn’t scalable, but when used correctly it can add tremendous familiarity to an otherwise faceless corporate entity.

In the case of Ronan Dunne, his tweets are perfectly aligned to O2’s brand and at a time of overly-curated company communications it’s refreshing to see a mix of corporate and personal content from the same Twitter account.

Perhaps that’s why it seems to work?

Perhaps his Tweets are perfectly crafted and advised-upon by the marketing department?

However I prefer to think that they really are as spontaneous as they seem. I’ve not seen anything similar from other operator / telco CEOs and I applaud him for that!

Follow Ronan at @ronandunneo2

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